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Over the last decades infrastructural sectors have undergone regulatory and technological changes. Profound impacts force actors in these sectors to rethink their strategies and engage in non-traditional parnterships and alliances. Across the entire value chain of products and services, new entrants and business opportunities arise. New paradigms envision new possibilities and futures. However, path dependencies and earlier investments made create, frictions and great challenges for all actors to embrace these changes.   
Energy is the ability to achieve change and the sector itself is in transition. Liberalisation and privatisation and the increasing share of distributed renewable energy sources will have existential impact on the value chains of heat, electricity and gas. A new paradigm coming to reality. Joris Knigge is driven to add value in partnerships he works with to take concrete steps towards sustainable energy systems. 
Joris Knigge has extensive knowledge and experiences at the forefront of developments within the energy sector. Ranging from public and regulatory affairs to vision and strategy development towards ideation and realisation of innovation and demonstration programmes. Joris Knigge combines his holistic perspective on the value chain with practical hands-on approach. His emphatic skills bring him to forge and facilitate new alliances and public - private partnerships within the energy value chain. 

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